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    1991 - Jeff Van Vulpen

Jeff Van Vulpen, Supplier, 1991-Present

“I remember my first time on the course, standing up on the lookout and seeing Mt Kidd to the left, Mt Lorette to the right, and the outline of the courses up top. It brings you nothing but awe to see this beautiful golf course carved into this magnificent mountain range. The scenery is breathtaking and you quickly realise that the whole place is something special.

Holding our annual company tournaments at Kananaskis created great memories and camaraderie with our staff and customers. We held a tournament each May for 23 years. It became a much-loved tradition: a three-day weekend with three rounds of golf. Our first event was in 1991 with 24people. Our last one was in 2013, having grown to 128 people, and very luckily held just weeks before the floods.

There is a very famous golf club buried somewhere on the Mt Kidd course: an old three-wood. Back in the day, these clubs had screws in them. This club had three screws in the head and was nicknamed “the tri-screw”. It gave up the ghost and was put to rest by the fellow who owned it – he buried it somewhere in one of the bushes behind one of the greens.

We’ve been closely watching the progress of the restoration over the last four years. We can’t wait to come back to relive old memories, to make new ones, to start a new format for our tournament, and to join with Albertans in returning to our homeland course.”

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