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    1999 - Adam Derges

Adam Derges, Former Employee, 1999-2000

“My three summers working in Kananaskis represent some of the best times of my life. For my first two years working there, I was the valet captain. Basically, I had the incredible job of welcoming people to paradise, and telling them when they left that we’d love to see them back soon. Do you have any idea what that does to a guy’s confidence? I was selling water in the desert! I had to convince people to enjoy themselves in a place that it was almost impossible not to. At least once a day, I would greet someone who literally couldn’t believe that they were looking at this indescribable view.

I can’t wait to build more memories there. I want to take my kids out there so they can see where their dad used to live. I want to play a $10 nassau against my old friends from K-country. I want to complain to the guy at the counter that it was the group in front of me who cost me my pace of play pin (every former employee will laugh at that). I want to watch my ball sail into the background shot of the mountains, hanging there for an eternity. I want to be drive up to the valet stand, as a paying customer, and show the guy working the valet stand the same look that I saw from everyone who pulled up when I worked there. I just want to be back!”

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