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    2002 - Brian L’Heureux

Brian L’Heureux, Golfer, 2002-Present

"I wanted to share one of my best memories: it was about 15 years ago. My dad and step mom were camping at Boulton Creek Campground and we had a noon tee time at Kananaskis, Mt Kidd course.

I met my dad, step mom and their friend Bud at the course. We had a great breakfast before going out to the driving range and then proceeded to play a great round of golf, under the 4-hour 15 minute time to receive our pin.

We had a beautiful day, the weather was excellent, the pace of play was perfect and the hot dog at the halfway house was second to none. As always, the course was in excellent condition and I remember playing out of the sand a lot.

After our round of golf, we drove to their campsite, where my wife had just arrived with our kids from Calgary. We all had a great afternoon, playing catch with a frisbee, playing lawn darts and just enjoying the beautiful views of the Kananaskis area. We later had a camp fire, where we cooked more hot dogs, hamburgers and of course marshmallows for dessert. The day was finished off with seeing a moose, deer and elk on the drive back to Calgary. This is one day that I will remember for the rest of my life! Thanks to Kananaskis for being a part of this great memory that I will never forget.”

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